About us

The Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS)is the umbrella organisation to 61 scientific societies. Its member organisations cover a wide range of different disciplines, such as literature or theology, communication or political sciences. In total, not less than 30,000 people are – as a member of such professional societies – associated with the SAHS and thus form the largest network-organisation for the humanities and social sciences in our country.

Since its foundation in 1946, the primary concerns of the SAHS have been research promotion, international cooperation and the promotion of young academics. As a federally recognised institution for research promotion, the academy is currently committed to three essential topics:


The SAHS provides a platform to realise joint projects and to publish research results within the scientific community. Equally important is its role to act as intermediary between the disciplines.

Promoting the Humanities and Social Sciences

A large amount of the budgeted money of the SAHS is provided to promote the activities of the humanities and social sciences in our country. Within the limits of its possibilities, it pursues a subsidy policy which focuses on the promotion of young academics and women doing research.


The SAHS regularly organises public conferences and panel discussions on current topics. These activities allow the SAHS to draw the attention to the fact that its disciplines can usefully contribute to the analysis of important social problems. It also encourages the dialogue in politics and business.

Infrastructures of the Humanities and Social Sciences

The SAHS is the responsible body for different long-term projects. Those provide an important research infrastructure for the humanities and social sciences and accomplish a substantial contribution to the conservation, the co-ordination and the development of the collective memory of Switzerland:

Moreover, in 2005 the SAHS initiated the Swiss Foundation for Research in Social Sciences (ForS), which was founded on September 26, 2007 and in future will work as an independent foundation in close relation with the University of Lausanne.

Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences

The SAHS is a member of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences. The Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences co-ordinate science on a regional, national and international level. They are particularly committed to early recognition and ethics, and they also encourage the dialogue between science and society.