Legal Basis


The SAHS is organised as an association. Its members are 61 professional societies. The president of each professional society and one further delegate participate in the annual assembly of delegates, at which, among other things, the members of the board of directors are elected. The board of directors meets four times a year. Important business is prepared by the standing committee.

In partner organisations the SAHS is represented by delegates.

14 employees work in the general secretariat.

Assembly of Delegates

The assembly of delegates is the highest decision-making body of the SAHS. It takes place once a year on the occasion of the annual meeting of the SAHS. At the assembly of delegates each member organisation of the SAHS is represented by the president and one further delegate. The associated members have an advisory vote. The delegates elect the members of the board of directors, approve the annual report, the annual statement of account, the allocation of support contributions and the setting-up of new commissions. They comment on proposals of the board of directors or the member organisations.

Board of Directors

The assembly of delegates elects the members of the board of directors for a term of office of three years. The board of directors meets four times a year. It is responsible for all decisions that are not assigned to another body, namely

  • Approval of the budget and all other expenditure decisions (subsidies, investments, permanent expenditure);
  • Election and dismissal of members of commissions, board of trustees or of delegates of the SAHS to partner institutions;
  • Admission of new member organisations;
  • Decisions on the activities of the SAHS, in particular setting priorities;
  • Setting up temporary working groups and boards of trustees to work on special projects;
  • Approval of the annual reports of commissions, boards of trustees and institutions under the responsibility of the SAHS (currently HLS, SICF, The National Dictionaries, APS, Dodis,, DaSCH)

Members of the Board of Directors

Standing Committee

Members of the standing committee are the president, the vice-president, the quaestor and one representative from each of the seven sections. The standing committee meets four times a year. It deals with business delegated to it by the board of directors and prepares important decisions to be taken by the board of directors.

Permanent Delegates

The standing committee elects permanent delegates of the SAHS for a term of office of three years. These delegates ensure connections to national and international institutions which the SAHS is a member of or which it maintains close relations with.

Leistungsvereinbarungen mit dem SBFI

Die Vereinbarung ergänzt die Rahmenvereinbarung zwischen Bund und den Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz und legt die strategischen Leistungsziele und die Ergebnisse fest, welche die SAGW mit den vom Bund nach Bestimmung des FIFG zur Verfügung gestellten Mitteln in der Beitragsperiode 2017-2020 zu erfüllen hat.

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