Schweizerische Akademie der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften


Cost Action - European Network for Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (ENRESSH)

The challenge of the Action is to enable the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) to better demonstrate their true place in academia and society. To do so, the Action proposes to bring together different strands of work consecrated to SSH research evaluation, currently under development in different parts of Europe, in order to gain momentum, to exchange best practices and results, and to avoid unnecessary duplication.

Three topics are focussed on:

  1. Scholars’ perceptions of research quality and quality criteria
  2. Developing a typology of impact pathways for social sciences and the humanities 
  3. Comparison of national and regional databases of social sciences and humanities research outcomes 

For further information, see http://enressh.eu/