Project DESIR

The project DESIR (DARIAH ERIC Sustainability Refined) financed by the European Commission in line with Horizon 2020 is meant to strongly promote the positioning of DARIAH within the SSH. The implementation involves six lines of action:

Diffusion: Activities to promote DARIA tools, services and initiatives will be organised by DESIR.

Expansion: DESIR will promote national membership in other countries (UK, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Israel).

Technology: DESIR promotes the DARIAH research infrastructure in the fields entity-based search, scholarly content management, visualization and text-analysis services.

Basis: DESIR will strengthen the organisational structures of DARIAH, work out a business plan and develop a marketing strategy.

Acceptance: DESIR will increase the acceptance of DARIAH by applying confidence-building measures, especially with new members.

Education: DESIR promotes the use of DARIAH tools and services by offering educational services.


The responsible person for DESIR in Switzerland is Dr. theol. Claire ClivazHead of Digital Enhanced Learning at the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics. The time span of the project is end of 2019.

In addition, Claire Clivaz was appointed DARIAH Ambassador. DARIAH Ambassadors are members of a network consisting of people that speak up for the aims of DARIAH in processing communities.


Dr. Beat Immenhauser

+41 (0)31 306 92 52