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Swiss Inventory of Coin Finds (SICF)

Monetary findings reflect in a tangible way essential aspects of the economic and social historical life in Switzerland: political events, period of crisis or economical prosperity, people find themselves on coins. Coins also testify of the image monarchs wanted to build, and often served as way of propaganda. As such, coins are a part of the most important archeological findings.

Inventory of monetary findings in Switzerland

The aim of the Swiss Inventory of Coin Finds (SICF) is to collect all the concrete data related to monetary findings and similar objects  (religious medals and others, stamps, etc.) coming from Switzerland or Lichtenstein and to make them accessible. Unique national center to collect and publish archeological findings, the SICF brings a precious collaboration to archeological research in Switzerland. As a service centre for all questions about coins and monetary findings in Switzerland, the team, composed of six specialists, works with different public and private services. The SAHS mananages this company since 1992 thanks to a comission. 

SICF-members of the commission



  • provides a database open to all scientific researches;
  • deal with their specialized library, that can be visited upon request;
  • helps to identify monetary findings and establish contacts for their scientific researches

Database (partly accessible online)

Library directory


The monigraphic serie, that appears on a regular basis, presents a coherent overall range of a certain importance. 

In the Bulletin, that is annualy printed, are published monitary discoveries found in Switzerland or in Lichtenstein during the year, as well as the bibliography of the year's before foundings.

International network

The SICF's employees participate to meetings in Switzerland and abroad on a regular basis and answer questions from foreign researchers. The network of specialists working in this field of study is constantly welcoming new experts.

European Coin Find Network


DARIAH-EU WG Digital Numismatics


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SICF Annual Report 2018

Ein aussergewöhnlicher Münzfund des 13. Jahrhunderts vom Brünigpass

Im Herbst 2013 wurde an der Brünigpassstrasse im Kanton Obwalden von Archäologen ein Ensemble von 120-130 einseitigen Münzen des späten 13. Jahrhunderts geborgen. Der aussergewöhnliche Fund soll nun wissenschaftlich untersucht und zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt im Historischen Museum Obwalden in Sarnen ausgestellt werden.

SRF-Beitrag zu den Funden