Ageing Society

Addressing the challenges of the elderly together

Population ageing confronts our society with new challenges. At the end of 2015, around 35% of the Swiss permanent resident population was between 40 and 64 years old, and 18% was over 65 years old. The peak of the age pyramid (65 and older) will rapidly widen in the coming years. The current system must be adapted not only in the area of health, but also with regard to the housing situation, mobility, and social security.

Around 50 partners

Various organisations and institutions are dealing with the topic. With the project “Ageing Society”, the SAGW promotes the exchange between these actors. Around fifty partners have been recruited so far. They meet a least twice a year to exchange ideas and discuss joint actions. As a first step, the “a+ Swiss Platform Ageing Society” was established: www.ageingsociety.ch. With its diverse content, it is an important information and communication platform.

a+ Swiss Platform Ageing Society

Population ageing requires coordinated adaptations, reorientations and measures in numerous areas of life that interact with one another:

  • in the fields of health
  • of the social security system
  • of care and treatment
  • of housing
  • of the labour market
  • of mobility
  • of research

To this end, cooperation between all the actors involved in the various fileds - scientific, social, health, economic, technical and political - is essential. Through the open, cross-sectoral "a+ Swiss Platform Ageing Society", the Swiss Academies of Sciences want to facilitate continuous exchange between all actors involved in population change. The aim is to promote cooperation between research and practice, initiate joint project developments and establish links between international and national initiatives. The WHO's „Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health“ serves as a reference framework.