§ 1. The “Swiss Association for North American Studies / Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Nordamerikastudien / Association Suisse des Etudes Nord-Américaines”, incorporated according to articles 60 ff of the SCC, has for its goal the furthering of scholarly activities concerned with English-speaking North America.

§ 2. The Association will be incorporated in the place of residence of the president in office.

§ 3. The governing bodies of the Association will be: a) The general assembly; b) The executive committee, consisting of a president, a secretary, a treasurer, and up to three members at large; c) The auditors. The executive committee is composed equally of men and women.

§ 4. The members will meet in general assembly at least once yearly, elect or confirm the executive committee and two auditors, assess the annual dues and decide on the admission of new members.

§ 5. The executive committee will deal with current business and concern itself in particular with promoting contacts with similar Associations.

§ 6. A two-thirds majority of those present at the general assembly will be necessary for any alteration in these statutes or for the dissolution of the Association. In the event of dissolution, the general assembly will decide on the disposal of the Association’s assets.

Berne, 4 February 1978, amended 21 November 1987 and 4 November 2016