SANAS welcomes new members with a scholarly, artistic, or journalistic interest in the study of the United States of America or Canada, their history, culture, and society. We especially invite graduate students working in the field of American studies to join SANAS. The membership fee is currently CHF 40 per year. Members receive the SANAS newsletter, which appears twice per year, as well as the proceedings of SANAS conferences, which are held bienially. SANAS members are automatically members of the European Association for American Studies (EAAS) and are entitled to participate in any EAAS event, notably by organizing workshops and offering papers at the biennial EAAS conferences. As members of a constituent association of EAAS, SANAS members equally have access to conferences held by the American Studies Association (ASA) in the United States. SANAS members are eligible for the SANAS Research Award and the U.S. Embassy SANAS Travel Award.

To apply for membership, e-mail a 1-page CV to the President and the Secretary. New members are elected at the Annnual General Meeting in November.

Prof. Dr. Barbara Straumann (

Roman Bischof, MA  (