Film collection

The CAV manages an extensive collection of premium ethnographic films owned by the SAA. Over 500 films in different formats are stored at the CAV film archive - from classics to more recent releases.

Most of the films are available as DVDs. You can find the list of DVDs on with the keyword DVDSSE. You can find all other film formats (16mm, UMATIC, Betacam, DVCAM) on our continually growing film list!

Members of university departments and institutes that are collective members of the SES can borrow the films. Learn more about how to rent a film here: PDF in French / German.

Contact persons for film lendings:
Institut d’ethnologie de l’Université de Neuchâtel
Baptiste Aubert
baptiste.aubert [at]

Institut für Sozialanthropologie, Universität Bern
Laura Coppens
laura.coppens [at]

Völkerkundemuseum, Universität Zürich
Saada Miriam Elabed
miriamsaada.elabed [at]

Institut d'Histoire et d'Anthropologie des Religions (IHAR), Université de Lausanne
Francis Mobio
francis.mobio [at]