AG Politische Anthropologie in der Schweiz

AG Politische Anthropologie in der Schweiz

The working group was founded in 2010 in response to the SAA's criticism of the Swiss migration discourse and the Expulsion Initiative. The first starting point of this campaign was the observation that anthropologists should not only become politically active abroad, as is often the case, but also in Switzerland. Secondly, ethnology in Switzerland continues to be associated either with traditional, non-European societies or at best with Alpine folklore and migration.

Instead, the working group advocates that, in view of recent developments in the discipline, contemporary ethnology should offer theoretical, methodological and ethical additions for a critical analysis of the political in Switzerland. This is inevitably linked to a practice-oriented reflection on the intertwining of science and politics and the communication of contemporary ethnology to the public.

Aims of the working group:

  • the promotion of anthropological research and criticism of political discourses and life worlds in Switzerland
  • the ethical discussion of the intertwining of politics and scientific practice
  • the development of public intervention strategies as part of scientific practice
  • the public communication of contemporary ethnology in Switzerland.
  • The working group promotes these goals by organizing workshops and conferences, networking through scientists, and through appropriate communication strategies and interventions.

In accordance with its goals, the working group is oriented towards inter- and transdisciplinarity.

Membership requires regular participation in the meetings and workshops of the working group. Informal engagement is possible via the following blog.

Contact us: 
Rohit Jain, Ethnological Seminar Zurich,
Anne Lavanchy, LSE & University of Edinbourgh,