Archiv Kompaktseminare

Archive Compact Seminars

Compact seminar 2006
Sexuality and anthropology
30 November, 1-2 December 2006, University of Lausanne

Organizers: Mondher Kilani, Irene Maffi, Daniela Cerqui, Florence Graezer Bideau, Séverine Rey and Sabine Kradolfer

Main panel (Sexualités et anthropologie), other panels (identités autochtones, MAS Panel, Museum Commission, Interface Commission)

Compact seminar 2005
New perspectives in economic anthropology

Compact seminar 2004
Ethnology and contemporary conflicts

Compact seminar 2003
Illegal practices, globalisation and the state

Compact seminar 2002
Between reflexivity and social criticism: For an anthropology of the 21st century

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La construction des émotions

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Risque, danger et catastrophe