PhD students and postdocs in linguistics at Swiss universities can apply for a scholarship of CHF 500 to participate in a conference (oral presentation or poster session with peer review). This support should preferably be viewed as a cofinancing contribution. Please also consider the following points:

  • Applications can only be submitted by persons who are members of the SSG/SSL or have presented a pending request for membership. 
  • Applications can only be made for conferences that take place in the current year. 
  • Succesful applicants are obliged to acknowledge the financial support by the SSG/SSL.
  • The SSG/SSL only reimburses costs for travel, housing, and registration fees.
  • The SSG/SSL only supports scientific contributions of high quality.

Applications have to be sent via e-mail until May 1, 2020 to the president of the SSG/SSL, Didier Maillat (didier.maillat(at)

  1. The following documents are required:
  2. CV including list of publications
  3. Motivation letter
  4. Detailled information about the event. This includes the submitted abstract and (if available) the notification of acceptance.
  5. A detailed budget about the forseeable costs and detailed information about financial contributions from other funding bodies. 

Applications can also be submitted for past events that took place within the current year. Costs are only reimbursed after an event on presentation of relevant receipts.