TSANTSA 24 / 2019


Decolonial Processes in Swiss Academia and Cultural Institutions: Empirical and Theoretical Approaches

This special issue is dedicated to the ‘decolonial turn’ with a focus on Swiss academia and cultural institutions. It responds to a persisting public amnesia with regard to the role of Swiss personalities, institutions and companies in the colonial project and asks in what ways coloniality continues to shape the politics and practices of museums, schools, archives, universities and other institutions in Switzerland. Although various forms of exclusionary politics have been subject to public criticism in the last decades, un-articulated forms of cultural and epistemic domination in an increasingly multinational and culturally diverse population often go unnoticed. How do museums and schools of higher learning in Switzerland address such normativity in theory and practice? In what ways do they aspire for more plurivocality? The special issue presents current debates, research projects and suggestions for practical implementation.

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