Commission Interface

The INTERFACE 2020 Commission knowledge quest: beyond confinement

What do (Swiss or Swiss-based) anthropologists – and anthropological engagement - bring to conversations and practice outside academia? And vice-versa, what do these conversations and forms of practice bring «back» to anthropological thinking, debates and training?

As part of reviving the INTERFACE commission we hope to mobilize, intensify interaction between and deepen the conversation among ourselves and our interlocutors. We hope to break down silo-thinking and build stronger bridges between academia and various forms of engaged anthropology.

We consider anthropological engagement as an important contribution to contemporary societal challenges from the very intimate to global spheres of interaction.

We seek to provide a forum for showcasing multiple forms of anthropological engagement and what this means in terms of diverse languages, forms of expression and knowledge production.

We are interested in exchanging and learning more from each other and sharing lessons with colleagues and students.

What brings us together is both a common starting point in anthropology and a passion for rethinking and expanding what it means to think and practice the discipline in other settings.  

We invite colleagues and students to step forward and contribute to this conversation through meetings, blogs and other forms of expression co-hosted by the Commission. If you are interested in contributing, please reach out: peter.larsen(at)

Check out the new INTERFACE web-site: with events, commission activities and opportunities for further engagement.