John G. Blair reports that he has been travelling a great deal, visiting particularly in Dublin with his fiancée Dr. Jerusha McCormack, who heads the Boston University Overseas Program there, after retiring from the English Department of University College, Dublin.

Ø    He been invited to teach again at Beijing Foreign Studies University in 2003-04 and to create a new course called WCwCC: WESTERN CIVILIZATION with CHINESE COMPARISONS, a course without precedent, as far as we know. He reports that preparing it is a great deal of exhilarating work: an education in itself. The documents will be distributed on CD-ROM due to the cost of paper in China, itself a sign of the rapid spread of technology among Chinese scholars and students.

Roger Forclaz presented the paper

Ø    "Edgar Allan Poe's Influence on H. P. Lovecraft," 2nd International Edgar Allan Poe Conference, held in Towson, Maryland (U. S. A.), October 3-6, 2002

and published

Ø    "Poe in Europe: Recent German criticism," Poe Studies/Dark Romanticism 34 (2001): 29-39.

Nicole Frey presented a paper at the

Ø    BARS Postgraduate Conference “Romantic Performances,” York 2/11/02: “The Byronic Hero: Performance and Staging of Absence”

She reviewed:

Ø    “Portraits of an Enigmatic Lady.” Review of: Reynolds, Margaret. The Sappho Companion. London: Chatto and Windus, 2000. In Variations 8 (2002). 154-5.

Ø    “‘Open Sesame!’: The Mysteries of Russell Hoban’s Fiction Revealed.” Review of: Studer, Yvonne. Ideas Obsessions, Intertexts: A Nonlinear Approach to Russell Hoban’s Fiction. Schweizer Anglistische Arbeiten, Swiss Studies in English, 128. Tübingen, Basel: Francke, 2000. In Variations 8 (2002). 156-7.

Ø    “Wohin denn Ich?” Review of: Richard van Dülmen (Hg.). Entdeckung des Ich: die Geschichte der Individualisierung vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart. Köln u.a.: Böhlau, 2001. In Variations 9 (2002). 155-157.

And she co-edited

Ø    Frey, Nicole, Karl Kürtös und Sabina Müller, eds. Variations 9: Mythen. Bern, Berlin, etc.: Peter Lang, 2002.

Jürgen Grandt gave the following presentation

Ø    "'Waiting to Be the Music': Towards an Aesthetic of Literary Jazz in Sidney Bechet's Treat It Gentle" 2002 Convention of the Modern Language Association of America (MLA), New York, NY: December 27-30,  2002.

Martin Heusser has


Ø    Heusser, Martin, and Gudrun Grabher, eds. American Foundational Myths. Vol. 14. Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 2002.

He has published

Ø    “Against the American Grain: Myth and Ideology in the Poetry of E. E. Cummings.” Culture Agonistes: Debating Culture, Rereading Texts. Ed. Theodora Tsimpouki and Angeliki Spiropoulou. Bern et al.: Peter Lang, 2002. 155-68.

Ø    “Introduction.” American Foundational Myths. Eds. Martin Heusser and Gudrun Grabher. Vol. 14. SPELL: Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature. Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 2002. 9-14.

Ø    “Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti and the De-Disneyfication of America.” American Foundational Myths. Eds. Martin Heusser and Gudrun Grabher. Vol. 14. SPELL: Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature. Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 2002. 139-48.

And he gave the following presentations:

Ø    University of Lausanne, November 22 to 23, 2002; Realities: “Covering the War: America and the Vietnam Experience”

Ø    University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, April 6 - 9, 2002; America Across Cultures: Europe and Beyond: “Art, Artists and National Identity in Postmodern America”

Hartwig Isernhagen spent

Ø    spent his 2002/03 sabbatical at UC Irvine as a Visiting Scholar.

He published

Ø    “Erinnerung und Neubeginn: (Grenz-)Fragen der Literaturwissenschaft.” Joachim Küchenhoff, ed. Erinnerung und Neubeginn. Giessen: Psychosozial-Verlag, 2002. 168-182.

Ø    “Literature˜America˜Power: The Professionalization of American Literature.” European Journal of American Culture 20.3 (2002): 148-163.

Ø    "'European American Studies' in einer 'globalisierten' Welt: Europäische Reflexionen amerikanischer Reflexionen Europas". Perspektiven auf Europa, mit Beiträgen von Hartwig Isernhagen und Annemarie Pieper. Basler Schriften zur europäischen Integration. (59.) [Basel: Europainstitut], 2002. 6-29.

Sämi Ludwig has

Ø    been a Consultant to the German Fulbright Commission (Auswahlausschuss Fulbright Ehrenprofessur in Amerikastudien).

He has published

Ø    Pragmatist Realism: The Cognitive Paradigm in American Realist Texts. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2002. (304 pages)

Ø    “Reed, Ishmael (*1938-).” The Literary Encyclopedia and Literary Dictionary, 2002. http://www.LitEncyc.com/php/speople.php?rec=true&UID=3731

Ø    “‘I spoke in haste’: Overcoming Original Causality in The Grandissimes.” American Foundation Myths: Visualizations and Verbalizations. Eds. Martin Heusser and Gundrun Grabher. SPELL (Swiss Publications on English Literature and Language), 2002. 149-161.

Ø    “Celebrating Ourselves in the Other, Or: Who Controls the Conceptual Allusions in Kingston?” Asian American Literature in the International Context: Readings on Fiction, Poetry, and Performance. Eds. Rocío Davis and Sämi Ludwig. Münster: LIT Verlag, 2002. 35-53.

He co- edited

Ø    Asian American Literature in the International Context: Readings on Fiction, Poetry, and Performance. Edited together with Rocío Davis. Münster: LIT Verlag, 2002. (265 pages)

and gave the paper

Ø     “‘…but he speaks Swiss German!’ Is Ethnic Identity in the Body or in the Mind?” Conference of the European Association for American Studies. Bordeaux, March 2002.

He is currently working as a guest professor in Graz (Austria) and teaching for free at his alma mater in Berne—as he is supposed to. As of summer 2003 the secretary of SANAS is available on the job market …

Beverly Maeder

Ø    codirected (together with Peter Halter) a thesis on Wallace Stevens by Ursula Wucher,  which was defended in June 2002.

Max Nänny has published

Ø    "Die ikonische Verwendung des Chiasmus in der Literatur." (Symposium: Stilfragen. Wolfgang G. Müller zum 60. Geburtstag). Literaturwissenschaftliches Jahrbuch, 43. Band. Jena: Duncker & Humbolt, 2002. 293-317.

and presented the following paper

Ø    "Formal Mirroring in Literary Texts" Given at the International Association of Word & Image Studies (IAWIS) Conference, Hamburg, 21 July 2002.

Robert Rehder has published

Ø    "William Wordsworth's The Prelude," British Classics, ed. Jay Parini, New York: Charles Scribner's, 2002.

Ø    "Elegiac Muses: Romantic Women Poets and the Elegy," in Romantic Poetry, ed. Angela Esterhammer (Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages), Amsterdam: John Benjamin, 2002. 197-221.

and presented the following papers

Ø    "Natural Arabesques: James Fenimore Cooper on the Léman," presented at the Swiss Association of North American Studies Conference, University of Lausanne, November 22, 2002.

Ø    "Williams and Moore: Wasps, Gentian and Real Toads", Conference of Swiss Association of North American Studies, Lausanne (23 November 2002).

Ø    Guest Lecturer, "Le Nouvel Adam: le héro dans la littérature américaine," presented as part of the Weltliteratur lecture series, University of Fribourg, May 1 and May 8, 2002.

He has furthermore been an

Ø    expert for Faculty of Letters on appointment of professor of American literature at University of Freiburg im Breisgau, 2002.

And given a

Ø    poetry reading, English and American Rhine Scholars Meeting, Freiburg im Breisgau (13 December 2002).

Philip Schweighauser has published

Ø    "'You must make less noise in here, Mister Schouler": Acoustic Profiling in American Realism." Studies in American Fiction, 30:1 (2002). 85-102.

Ø    "Concepts of Masculinity in The Wife's Lament and Its Critical Literature." Masculinities - Maskulinitäten: Mythos - Realität - Repräsentation - Rollendruck. Ed. Therese Steffen. Stuttgart and Weimar: Metzler, 2002. 177-185.

Ø    "The Soundscapes of American Realist Fiction." Philologie im Netz, 19 (2002). 55-78. .

and presented the following talks

Ø    "Das Rauschen (in) der amerikanischen Literatur." Integrationen des Widerläufigen. Conference held at the University of Zürich on 10-12 October 2002.

Ø    "The Noises of White Noise." Reading Don DeLillo. International Conference on Don DeLillo, held at the Université d'Orléans on 31 May 2002.

He will have completed his assistantship with Hartwig Isernhagen as well as his Ph.D. thesis by 1 October 2003. The title of his thesis is Toward a History of Literary Acoustics: The Noises of American Literature, 1860-1980." Those interested can get a foretaste of the whole text via the online article "The Soundscapes of American Realist Fiction." (Philologie im Netz, 19 (2002). 55-78. ).

Ø    He is currently scanning the academic job market.

Therese Steffen

Ø    was named “Titularprofessorin” at the University of Basle in the winter semester 2002-2003.

She has coordinated the

Ø    Gender Netzwerk Schweiz 2002—an interdisciplinary doctoral program at the University of Zürich: "Wissensgesellschaft und Geschlechterbeziehungen"

Ø    concept, organization, and managment of the international conference: Gender Studies and Employment-Gender Studies und Arbeitsmarkt- Études Genre et Marché du Travail. National Science Foundation Project NFP 35. University of Bern, 7-8 November, 2002

Ø    day conference STEREOTYPES REVISITED. English Seminar, University of Basel. June 15, 2002

She edited

Ø    Masculinities/Maskulinitäten. Congress Proceedings. Stuttgart: Metzler, March 2002.

and published two articles:

Ø    "Between Transnationalism and Globalization: Kara Walker's cultural hybridities." GLOBALISATION: SPELL 15. Eds. Frances Ilmberger, Alan Robinson. Tübingen: Gunter Narr Verlag, 2002. 89-111

Ø    "Introduction." (with Alexander Marzahn). Masculinities-Maskulinitäten: Mythos-Realität-Repräsentation-Rollendruck. Ed. Therese Steffen. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2002. vii-xi.

Barbara Straumann published

Ø    “Rewriting American Foundational Myths in North by Northwest.” SPELL 14 (2002): 121-134.

Ø    “The Masculine Space of North by Northwest, or Mapping the Vicissitudes of Masculinity as Performance.” In: Therese Steffen (ed.). Masculinities – Maskulinitäten: Mythos, Realität, Repräsentation, Rollendruck. Stuttgart, Weimar: Metzler, 2002, 56-76.

Ø    together with Elisabeth Bronfen: Die Diva: Eine Geschichte der Bewunderung. München: Schirmer & Mosel, 2002.