Thomas Austenfeld
-    (as editor:) Kay Boyle for the Twenty-First Century: New Essays. Trier: Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier, 2008.
-    "Teaching Lowell Beyond the Alps: A Multilingual Approach to Imitations." The Robert Lowell Society Newsletter 1.1 (2008): 7-9.
-    "German Contributions to American Literary Scholarship." American Literary Scholarship: An Annual 2006. Ed. David Nordloh. Durham and London: Duke University Press, 2008. 471-489.
gave conference talks on
-    "Arthur Miller's The Misfits: The Last Frontier of the West." Invited Lecture, University of Lausanne English Department, December 5, 2008. 
-    "Rosicky's Neighbors: Values, Virtues, and the Contingency of Criticism." Lecture presented to the English Department of the University of Arizona, Tucson AZ, November 21, 2008. 
-    "Locked Up Underground: Kay Boyle and Prisons." Presented at the Biennial Conference of the Swiss Association of North American Studies, Crêt-Bérard, November 15, 2008. 
-    "Teaching Lowell Beyond the Alps: A Multilingual Approach to Imitations." Presented at the American Literature Association Conference, San Francisco, May 23, 2008. 
-    "Four Visions of America: Beyond the Unum." Presented at the 2008 Biennial EAAS (European Association of American Studies) Conference, Oslo, May 11, 2008. 
and delivered his inaugural lecture on
-    "Rosicky's Neighbors: Values, Virtues, and the Contingency of Criticism." University of Fribourg, April 30, 2008.

Dana Frei
is working on her Ph.D. thesis
-    "Challenging Heterosexism from the Other Point of View: Representations of Homosexuality in Queer as Folk and The L Word"

Franziska Gygax
-    “Gertrude Stein.” In The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History. Ed. Bonnie G. Smith. Vol. 4. New York: Oxford University Press, 2008. Pp. 155-56.
gave two papers
-    “The Portrait as Word and (A)Head: Gertrude Stein Is (A)Head of the European Avant-Garde” : International Conference European Network for Avant-Garde and Modernism Studies “Europa! Europe? “ University of Ghent, 29-31 May 2008.
-    “Literature and Medicine in Dialogue: Narrative Means” with Prof. Alexander Kiss: td-net “Inter- and Transdisciplinary Problem Framing.” ETH Zurich, 27-28 November 2008.
hosted a lecture by
-    Paul Lauter, Professor of Literature, Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut on "Social Tensions and Transcendentalism."  Oktober 27, 2008.
and served as a faculty member of
-    the Graduate Program “Gender in Motion” (2006-2009), University of Basel 
-    the new Graduate Program “Representation, Materiality, and Gender” (2009-2012), University of Basel.

Hartwig Isernhagen
guest curated 
-    a Bodmer exhibition at the Nordamerika Native Museum (Zurich) that will be on view until early August. (Cf. www.nonam.ch) 
presented talks that were in some manner or other related to that work and that addressed questions of cultural ownership and the ‘reading’of intercultural material
-    at Mulhouse on 8 Feb., 2008
-    at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in the context of a conference on “Transatlantic Voices,” on 21 Oct., 2008
-    at a Wied/Bodmer symposium organized by the Dakota Institute at Bismarck State College, on 25 Oct., 2008.
and contributed two articles to the bilingual catalog/book that accompanies the exhibition:
-    “Bodmer – Wied – Amerika: Eine Entdeckungsreise”/”Bodmer – Wied – America: A Journey of Exploration”. Karl Bodmer: A Swiss Artist in America / 1809-1893 / Ein Schweizer Künstler in Amerika. Ed. Nordamerika Native Museum. Zurich: Scheidegger & Spiess, 2009. 18-41.
-    “Bodmer, durch Humboldt gelesen” / “Reading Bodmer Through Humboldt”. ”. Karl Bodmer: A Swiss Artist in America / 1809-1893 / Ein Schweizer Künstler in Amerika. Ed. Nordamerika Native Museum. Zurich: Scheidegger & Spiess, 2009. 94-121. 

Armando Jannetta
-    "Living in the Borderlands: The Topographical Context for Métis Literature." Presentation given at the Seminar for English Language Teachers and Bilingual Teaching in Geography and History: "The Métis, an Aboriginal Canadian Nation: An ELT Project for German Secondary Schools", University of Greifswald, Germany, 26-27th October 2007.
and reviewed
-    Rev. of Hartmut Lutz, Murray Hamilton & Donna Heimbecker (eds.): Howard Adams: Otapawy! The Life of a Métis Leader in His Own Words and in Those of His Contemporaries (Saskatoon, 2005), in: Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien, 2008, Heft 1, pp.134-35.

Juliane Langenbach
is working on her doctoral thesis 
-    "Visualizing the Gothic"
presented the following conference papers
-    June 2008: "Film as Preserver of the Literary Gothic: Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow" (paper). Reading Visual Media: 3ème Cycle  Conference of the English Departments of the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva, Crêt-Bérard (Switzerland)
-    August 2008: "The Uncanny Screen Screening the Uncanny: The Film Medium and the Gothic" (paper). Uncanny Media: conference of the Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University (The Netherlands)
-    August 2008: "Shadowplays of the Screen - Shadowplays of the Mind: Tracing the Gothic Legacy in the Films of Jacques Tourneur" (poster). ESSE 2008: conference of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE), Aarhus (Denmark)
and co-organized a graduate conference on 
-    "Authenticity" that took place at the University of Berne on 24 October 2008, where she also chaired one of the panels

Christina Ljungberg
was shortlisted for
-    the Chair of English Literature in Amsterdam
completed her Habilitation
-    'Diagram in Narrative: Performative Strategies in Text,' which  will be published in a reworked form as Creative Dynamics: Diagrammatic Strategies in Narrative
-    "Mapping Fluid Spaces: Semiotic Bodies and Cyberart”. Language Systems after Structuralism. Ed. Louis Armand and Pavel Cernovsky. Prague: Litteraria Pragensia, 2008. 98-113.
-    "Mapping Technosocial Space."  Proceedings of the Cartography and Art - Art and Cartography Conference (Vienna 2008) 
and gave the following talks: 
-    Konstanz, 12 June 2008. "On Being Lost in Literary Space." Colloquium on Visual Navigation at the University of Konstanz 12-13- June, invited by PD Dr. Steffen Bogen. 
-    Linköping, 29 October 2008. "Performativity and Positionality in Margaret Atwood's Poetry." Guest Lecture at the Institutet för Språk och Kulture (ISK), invited by Prof. Lars-Håkan Svensson. 
-    Linköping, 30 October 2008. "Voice and Performance in Literary Texts." Guest Seminar at the Institutet für Språk och Kulture (ISK), invited by Prof. Lars-Håkan Svensson.

Scott Loren
-    "Dead Fathers and Other Detours: Ulmer's Noir." Gary Rhodes, ed. Edgar G. Ulmer: Detour on Poverty Row. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2008. 
-    "Self-fashioning, Freedom, and the Problem of His-story: the return of noir." European Journal of American Studies, 2008: ejas.revues.org 
and gave the following conference talks 
-    “David Cronenberg and the Negotiation of Gendered Authority” Swiss Association for North American Studies, 2008: “Writing American Woman: Text Gender, Performance.” Puidoux, Switzerland 
-    "Narrative Strategy in the Films of David Lynch" 3ème Cycle Conference, 2008: "Reading Visual Media." Puidoux, Switzerland 
-    “Authenticity and the Posthuman Subject: It’s Alive!”University of Berne, English Dept. Postgraduate Conference, 2008: “Authenticity.” Berne, Switzerland 

Sämi Ludwig
was elected an advisory board member of 
-    SSASAA (Salzburg Seminar American Studies Alumni Association)
-    "Realist Melodrama: Innovations on the Premodernist American Stage and Eugene Walter's The Easiest Way (1909)." Passionate Politics: The Cultural Work of American Melodrama from the Early Republic to the Present. Eds. Ralph J. Poole and Ilka Saal. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008. 109-142.
and gave the following talks:
-    "Justifications from Above: Dissent in Early 19th-Century American Reformist Discourse." AAAS. Arbeiten für Anglistik und Amerikanistik 33.1 (2008): 5-20.
-    "Beyond the Phallus: Daughters and Fathers in Lois-Ann Yamanaka." Conference on Writing American Women: Text, Gender, Performance (Swiss Association for North American Studies). Crêt-Bérard, November 2008.
-    Panelist, roundtable "Options for America: Immigration Challenges for the New President." Transnationalism and Immigration Shock in American Society and Literature. SSASAA - Salzburg Seminar American Studies Alumni Association. Salzburg, November 2008.
-    "Cynicism in Paradise? Gary Shteyngart's American Debut." Conference of the European Association for American Studies. Oslo, May 2008.
-    "Peer Pressure and Empathy: Growing Up in Ann-Lois Yamanaka's Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers." Carl Schurz Haus, Freiburg/Br., 28 January 2008.

Deborah Madsen
-    "On Subjectivity and Survivance: Rereading Trauma Through The Heirs of Columbus and The Crown of Columbus," in Survivance: Narratives of Native Presence, ed. Gerald Vizenor (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press), 67-81. 
-    "Thomas Pynchon and the Tradition of American Quest Romance," in Approaches to Teaching Thomas Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49 and Other Works, ed. Thomas Schaub (New York: MLA), 25-30. 
-    "Over Her Dead Body: Talking About Violence Against Women in Recent Chicana Writing," in Violence and Gender in the Globalized World: The Intimate and the Extimate, eds. Sanja Bahun-Radunovic and V.G. Julie Rajan (Aldershot: Ashgate), 191-204. 
-    "'Mo No Boy': The Negative Rhetoric of Nation in the Work of Wayson Choy," West Coast Line 59, vol. 42. 3 (Fall), 100-11.  
-    "Sexing the Sojourner: Imagining Nation / Writing Women in the Global Chinese Diaspora," Contemporary Women's Writing, 1.2. 36-49. 
-    "Bearing the Diasporic Burden: Representations of Suicide in Sky Lee’s Disappearing Moon Café, Faye Myenne Ng’s Bone, and Hsu-Ming Teo’s Love and Vertigo," in China Fictions/English Language: Literary Readings in Diaspora and After, ed. A. Robert Lee (Amsterdam: Rodopi),  101-117. 
-    "The Rhetoric of the Double Negative: Canadian Diasporic Chinese Literatures," in Global Perspectives on Asian American Literature, eds. Guiyou Huang & Wu Bing (Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press), 181-93. 
-    Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature, ed. Guiyou Huang (Greenwood). 
Entries on: Asian American Studies, Asian Canadian Studies, Chinese American Autobiography, Chinese American Literature, Chinese Exclusion Acts, Wayson Choy, Asian Diasporas, Hawaiian Literature, and Larissa Lai. 
-    Xiaolu Guo, Fragments of a Ravenous Youth and Kwai-Yun Li The Palm Leaf Fan and Other Stories, Wasafiri 23. 3 (September 2008), 73-74. 
gave  three invited lectures
-    "The American Nightmare," Master of Advanced Studies program, University of Zurich 
-    "'Intergenerational Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder' and the Residential School Experience in the United States, Canada, and Australia: Policies, Practices, Impacts", University of Georgia, Athens, GA, Second "What Next for Native / Indigenous Studies?" conference 
-    "Hemispheric Geometries and Migration Discourses: The Challenge of Mixed-Race Studies," MESEA conference, University of Leiden 
gave two keynote addresses
-    "Queering Cultural China," Contemporary Women's Writing Network conference, University of Leicester, "Unsettling Women: Contemporary Women's Writing and Diaspora"
-    "Reading Gerald Vizenor at the Crossroads of Trauma, Memory and Survivance," American Studies Association annual conference 
was an invited speaker at the
-    "Transatlantic Voices" conference, California State Polytechnic University, St Luis Obispo, "Education for the Nation: Comparing the Stolen Generations of the US, Canada, and Australia"
was a symposium leader at 
-    the Salzburg Seminar American Studies Alumni Association (SSASAA) Symposium on the topic of “Transnationalism and Immigration Shock in American Society and Literature” (with Ron Clifton, Emory Elliott, Rob Kroes, Paul Lauter, and Ana Manzanas)
and hosted the following guest speakers:
-    March, First Annual Native Studies Masterclass at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. Sponsored by the Department of English, University of Geneva, March 14, 2008. Visiting speaker: Professor Jace Weaver, University of Georgia. 
-    September, Ms Tayyiba Taylor, US magazine publisher and editor, visiting speaker 
-    November, Professor Gerald Vizenor, University of New Mexico, visiting speaker

Beverly Maeder
-    "Sound and Sensuous Awakening in Harmonium." Wallace Stevens Journal 33.1 (spring 2009): 24-43.

Michael Prusse
gave a conference talk on
-    “Teaching to Read and Reading to Teach: English Literature in Teacher Education.” Anglistentag 2008 an der Eberhard Karls Universität in Tübingen, 6. Oktober 2008. 

Gabriele Rippl
-    “‘For the Hungry Soul Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet.’ Essen und Transkulturation in Mary Rowlandsons A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mary Rowlandson.” Claudia Lillge, and Anne-Rose Meyer, eds. Interkulturelle Mahlzeiten, Kulinarische Begegnungen und Kommunikation in der Literatur. Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 2008. 143-156.    
-    “Geleitwort.” Sonja E. Keller. Sarah Fessel: Fun im öffentlichen Raum. Wien: Passagen, 2008. 11-13.
-    “Erzählte Fotos, Foto-Text-Beziehungen in Raj Kamal Jhas Roman Fireproof (2006).” Fotogeschichte, Beiträge zur Geschichte und Ästhetik der Fotografie. 108:28 (2008): 11-17.
-    Rev. of Heusser, Martin, Michèle Hannoosh, Eric Haskell, Leo Hoek, David Scott & Peter de Voogd, eds. On Verbal/Visual Representation. Word & Image Interactions 4. TEXTEXT Studies in Comparative Literature 50. Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi, 2005. In: Anglia, Zeitschrift für Englische Philologie. 126.1 (2008): 206-209.
co-organized two conferences
-    Haunted Narratives II. Graduate Conference, University of Berne, May 2008.
-    Authenticity. Graduate Conference, University of Berne, October 2008.
and co-hosted the following guest speakers:
-    Prof. Dr. D. Kneale (London, ON). “Alice Munro’s Languages of Girls and Women (on the bildungsroman Lives of Girls and Women)”, 27.02.2008.
-    Prof. Dr. S. Sielke (Bonn). “Regarding the Pain of Others: Democratization, Photography, Torture”, 16.04.2008.
-    Dr. Birgit Mersmann (Basel). “Seeing Writing: Roland Barthes’s Literal Ideographism”, 23.04.2008

Manuela Rossini
is no longer based at an academic institute but working in the area of knowledge management for the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences (www.transdiciplinarity.ch).  In this function, her role is to integrate approaches from literary and cultural studies into the conceptual and methodological apparatus of inter- and transdisciplinary research and teaching. 
She also published
-    “Zoontologien: Companion Species und Ribofunk als theoretische und literarische Beiträge zu einem kritisch-posthumanistischen Feminismus”. Gender Goes Life. Die Lebenswissenschaften als Herausforderung für die Gender Studies. Eds. Marie-Luise Angerer and Christiane König. Bielefeld: transcript, 2008. 41-61.
-    Rev. of When Species Meet, by Donna J. Haraway.  Women’s Studies Quarterly 36.4/5 (Fall/Winter 2008): 309-311.
gave a conference talk on
-    “Shelley Jackson’s Network(ed) Bodies: Living and Writing in an Instrumental Economy,” which was part of a panel she organized and convened on “Travel Concepts – Nomadic Identities: The Weaving Together of Disciplines, Meanings, and People” within the stream “History and Concepts between Disciplines and Cultures” at the European Meeting of the SLSA in Berlin.
became a founding board member of
-    SLSAeu, the European branch of the Society for Science, Literature, and the Arts.
co-organized a number of lectures and events
-    August 2008. Introduction and chairing of discussion of resident’s talk by Professor Maria Damon (Department of English, University of Minnesota), within the lecture series of the cultural network e-t+t I co-direct in Riga, Latvia.
-    December 2008. Opening of “Text und Textil”, a platform for the collaboration within writers, artists, scholars and scientists at the intersections of print and cloth. See: www.imprimerie-basel.ch, go to “Residenzen”. 
is the Chair of the Programme and Organization Committee for
-    the international conferences TEXTURES, the 6th  Meeting for the SLSA, to take place in Riga and Liepaja (Latvia), 15-20 June, 2010.
has worked as a co-editor of
-    the Rodopi book series Experimental Practices.
-    The Routledge Companion to Literature and Science
and is an editorial board member of
-    the Rodopi monograph series Critical Posthumanisms

Erika Scheidegger
was awarded
-    "Subside Tremplin," a research grant awarded by the University of Geneva
-    "Healing Poetics: Linguicide and Trauma in Diane Glancy's Work" in Femmes écrivains à la croisée des langues 1700-2000 / Women Writers at the Crossroads of Languages 1700-2000. Agnese Fidecaro, Henriette Partzsch, Valérie Cossy et Suzan van Dijk (éds). MétisPresses.
-    "Linda Hogan's Solar Storms and Non-Verbal Communication with Water" in Words on Water: Literary and Cultural Representations, Wissenshaftlicher Verlag Trier (WVT).
-    "Rocio Esquibel" from Denise Chavez's The Last of the Menu Girls. Entry in The Student's Encyclopedia of American Literary Characters.  Edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli & Judith S. Baughman. New York: Facts on File.
-    (with Tirdad Zolghadr) "Mimesis" in Peter Stoffel's Scenes from Everyland. Edition Fink, Verlag für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Zürich, 2008.
and gave the following conference talks:
-    "Ethical Imperatives: Eyes, Hands, Moths and Daylight " Transatlantic Voices, An International Symposium on Native North American Literatures and Cultures at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, October 22, 2008.
-    "Rhetoric of Survivance in Gerald Vizenor's Greiver." The Fourth Tamkang Conference on Ecological Discourse, Taiwan, May 23-24, 2008.

Christiane Schlote
-    “‘Keeping Body and Soul Together.’ Rukhsana Ahmad’s Critical Examinations of Female Body Politics in Pakistan and Britain.” Merete Falck Borch, Eva Rask Knudsen, Martin Leer and Bruce Clunies Ross, eds. Bodies and Voices. The Force-Field of Representation and Discourse in Colonial and Postcolonial Studies. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2008. 163-174.
-    “Sharbari Ahmad.” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature. Vol. 1. Ed. Guiyou Huang. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008. 7-9.
-    “Jeannie Barroga.” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature. Vol. 1. Ed. Guiyou Huang. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008. 83-87.
-    “Velina Hasu Houston.” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature. Vol. 2. Ed. Guiyou Huang. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008. 367-372.
-    “Elizabeth Wong.” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature. Vol. 3. Ed. Guiyou Huang. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008. 994-998.
-    (with Eckart Voigts-Virchow, as guest editors). Constructing Media Reality. The New Documentarism. Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik. (56.2) Würzburg: Verlag Königshausen & Neumann, 2008.
-    (with Eckart Voigts-Virchow.) “Introduction: ‘The Creative Treatment of Actuality.’ New Documentarism.” Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik. Constructing Media Reality. The New Documentarism. 56.2 (2008): 107-116.
-    (with Eckart Voigts-Virchow, as section editors). ‘The Documentary Turn’. Klaus Stierstorfer, ed. Anglistentag 2007. Proceedings. Trier: WVT, 2008. 95-178.
-    (with Eckart Voigts-Virchow.) “The Documentary Turn: Introduction”. Klaus Stierstorfer, ed. Anglistentag 2007. Proceedings. Trier: WVT, 2008. 95-102.
co-organized a conference
-    October 30-31, conference ‘Out of War: Contesting Texts, Pretexts and Contexts of War,’ Universität Bern, organized by STEPS (Swiss Transnational and Postcolonial Studies; with Danièle Klapproth and Daniel Rellstab), sponsored by: Max und Elsa Beer-Brawand-Fonds, Mittelbauvereinigung der Universität Bern and Swiss National Science Foundation
organized and chaired a conference panel
-    May 22-25, panel ‘Metropolitan Marketplaces and Urban Underbellies: A Comparison of Postcolonial Cityscapes,’ GNEL/ASNEL Conference, Universität Regensburg (organized with Cecile Sandten)
and gave the following talks:
-    ‘Stories on Stage: Coatlicue’s Theatrical Explorations of Mexican Indigenous Identities.’ Chotro. Indigenous People in the Post-Colonial World. Language, Literature, Culture, History. Bhasha Research and Publications Centre & Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, India. January 2008.
-    ‘“Marking Time Between Novels?” Creative Non-Fiction and Literary Journalism by Arab Women Writers.’ EACLALS Triennial Conference. University of Padua and University of Venice, Venice, Italy. March 2008.
-    ‘Dramatising Refuge(e)s: Tanika Gupta’s Sanctuary and Rukhsana Ahmad’s Song for a Sanctuary.’ Conference ‘British Asian Theatre: From Past to Present.’ University of Exeter, Exeter, UK. April 2008.
-    ‘Middle Eastern Cosmopolitanism Revisited: Alaa al Aswany’s The Yacoubian Building, Muhammad Kamil al-Khatib’s Just Like a River and Ghada Samman’s Beirut ’75.’ Annual GNEL/ASNEL Conference, Universität Regensburg. May 2008.
-    ‘Columbus, Frida Kahlo and Speedy Gonzales: Mestiza Consciousness in Coatlicue’s Theatre.’ Summer School ‘Indigenous Cultures and Knowledges.’ Universität Konstanz. September 2008.
-    ‘Defying the Gender Gap in British Asian Theatre.’ Conference Universitaire de Suisse Occidentale Troisieme Cycle, Geneva. October 2008.
-    ‘Literatur und Archäologie: Agatha Christies Reisen in den Orient.’ Senioren-Universität Bern. October 2008.
-    ‘“A Miserable Sea of Humanity?” Theatrical Alternatives to Media Images of Refugees.’ Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Kiel. October 2008.
-    ‘“So you dig in Syria, do you?” The Middle East in Anthropological and Archaeological Travel Writing.’ Anglistentag, Tübingen. October 2008.
-    ‘Theatre in Times of War: Iraq and Political Drama.’ International Symposium ‘Cultural Voices of a Fragmented Nation: War, Trauma and Remembrance in Contemporary Iraq.’ Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Philipps Universität Marburg. December 2008.

Philipp Schweighauser
was elected
-    the new SANAS secretary
was appointed
-    Assistant Professor of American and General Literatures at the University of Basel (beginning: Feb 1, 2009)
-    “The Noises of Modernist Form: Dos Passos, Hurston, and the Soundscapes of Modernity.” American Studies as Media Studies. Ed. Frank Kelleter and Daniel Stein. Heidelberg: Winter, 2008. 47-55.
co-organized two conferences
-    Haunted Narratives II: The Politics and Poetics of Identity Formation and Life Writing. Four-day graduate conference held at the University of Berne. 8-11 May 2008.
-    Terrorism, Media, Literature: Don DeLillo and the Ethics of Fiction. International Conference on Don DeLillo. University of Osnabrück. 25-27 April 2008.
participated in a conference panel entitled
-    "'Every conversation is a shared narrative': Don DeLillos europäische Präsenz in Kunst,
Medien und Wissenschaft." Terrorism, Media, Literature: Don DeLillo and the Ethics of Fiction. International Conference on Don DeLillo. University of Osnabrück. 25-27 April 2008.
and gave the following invited talks:
-    Reply to Morag J. Grant, "Freedom of Expression and Its Limits: The View from Musicology." Kulturwissenschaftliches Labor, Zentrum für Theorie und Methodik der Kulturwissenschaften, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, 11 December 2008.
-    "Federalism on Both Sides of the Atlantic: Constitutional Debates in the Late Eigteenth and Early Twenty-First Centuries." Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, 10 October 2008.
-    "Reason and Feeling: Aesthetic Education in Friedrich Schiller and Susanna Rowson." University of Basel, 19 April 2008.

Agnieszka Soltysik
-    “Melodrama and the American Combat Film,” Passionate Politics: The Cultural Work of Melodrama in the Early Republic to the Present. Ralph J. Poole and Ilka Saal, eds. Newcastle, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008.
-    “Recovering ‘Covering End’: What Queer Theory Can Do for The Turn of the Screw,” Victorian Literature and Culture (2008): 36: 115-120.
gave conference talks on
-    “The Paradoxical Performances of Louisa May Alcott: Moralist, Feminist, and Queer,” SANAS  Biennial Conference , Nov. 15, Crêt-Bérard, Suisse
-    “The Masculinization of Uncle Tom’s Cabin: From Page to Stage,” Troisième Cycle, “Women and  Theater,” Genève , October 2008
-    “Universalism and Diversity in American Children’s Television: The Case of Sesame Street,” conférence biennale de EAAS (European American Studies Association), Oslo, Norvège, May 11, 2008
co-organized two conferences on 
-    Reading Visual Media, 3eme cycle, Crêt-Berard, June 6-8
-    Writing American Women, SANAS, Crêt-Berard, Nov.  13-15
and made the following radio appearances:
-    August 2008, Radio Suisse Romande, “Le Grand 8,” Topic: Madonna 
-    October 2008, Radio Suisse Romande, “Le Grand 8,” Topic: U.S. Election Campaign

Therese Steffen
-    (as guest editor) figurationen: gender-literatur-kultur, Zürich 1/2008.
-    "Einleitung: Körpergedächtnis-Gedächtniskörper." figurationen: gender-literatur-kultur. 8-16.
and reviewed
-    DRS 2 "52 Beste Bücher" Mircea Cartarescu, 27.1.2008, Die Wissenden, Lizzie Doron. 24.2.2008, Der Anfang von etwas Schönem, T.C. Boyle, Zähne und Klauen, 30.3.2008, Uzodinma Iweala, Du sollst Bestie sein, 27.4.2008, J.M. Coetzee, Tagebuch eines schlimmen Jahres,25.5.2008, William Faulkner, Licht im August, 20.7.2008, Ivan Vladislavic, Johannesburg. Insel aus Zufall, 29.6.2008, Martin Amis, Haus der Begegnungen, 24.8.2008, Orhan Pamuk, Das Museum der Unschuld, 5.10.2008, John Milton, Paradise Lost. 26.20.2008 

Julia Straub
-    “George Eliot’s Romola and Its Shattered Ideals.” Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies 4:1 (2008) [http://www.ncgsjournal.com/]
-    “Diaphanous Angels: Julia Margaret Cameron’s and Walter Pater’s Go-Betweens.” Textus 21 (2008): 265-82.
-    “‘Diaphaneitè’ and Dante: A New Perspective on Pater’s Early Essay.” Cahiers victoriens et édouardiens 67 (2008): 105-22.
gave conference talks on
-    “The Ethics of Signature: Séan Burke and Jacques Derrida.” Haunted Narratives II, Graduate Conference, University of Berne, May 2008.
-    “Seeing Beatrice: The Visualisation of Dante’s Beatrice in Victorian Culture.” Dante in the Nineteenth Century, University of York, July 2008.
-    “Authorship and Authenticity: Bret Easton Ellis’ Lunar Park.” ESSE 2008, University of Aarhus, August 2008.
co-organized two conferences
-    Haunted Narratives II. Graduate Conference, University of Berne, May 2008.
-    Authenticity. Graduate Conference, University of Berne, October 2008.
and co-hosted the following guest speakers:
-    Prof. Dr. D. Kneale (London, ON). “Alice Munro’s Languages of Girls and Women (on the bildungsroman Lives of Girls and Women)”, 27.02.2008.
-    Prof. Dr. U. Baumann (Bonn). “Fussball als Therapie: Der Fussballsport im modernen englischen Roman”, 07.04.2008.
-    Prof. Dr. S. Sielke (Bonn). “Regarding the Pain of Others: Democratization, Photography, Torture”, 16.04.2008.
-    Dr. Birgit Mersmann (Basel). “Seeing Writing: Roland Barthes’s Literal Ideographism”, 23.04.2008

Barbara Straumann
Barbara Straumann is pursuing her habilitation
-    Embodied Voices: Female Performers in British and American Literature and Culture, 1850-1930.
She was awarded
-    a research grant for advanced researchers from the Swiss National Science Foundation and will spend the academic year 2009/10 as a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Germanic Studies, University of Chicago, and as a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of London.
-    Figurations of Exile in Hitchcock and Nabokov. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP, 2008. 240 pp.
-    “Vocal Effect and Resonance: Voice in Henry James’s The Bostonians.” English Text Construction 1 (2008): 83-96.
-    “Medial Effects: The Singer and Her Voice in Willa Cather’s The Song of the Lark.” Martin Heusser, Andreas Fischer and Andreas H. Jucker, eds. Mediality / Intermediality. SPELL: Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature (21). Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 2008, 59-73.
-    “Scarlett Johannson: Star des Dazwischens.” Xenix (January 2008): 13-17.
gave talks on
-    “Embodied Voices: Female Performers in American and British Literature and Culture”, conference paper, “A la recherche du genre: International Conference of the Swiss Graduate Programme in Gender Studies”, University of Geneva, June 18-19, 2008.
-    “Strike the Pose! Starkörper und Geschlechtermaskeraden”, invited guest lecture. Pädagogische Hochschule Zentralschweiz Lucerne, November 14, 2008.
-    “The Effects of Voice and Isak Dinesen’s ‘The Dreamers’ (1934)”, English Department, University of Keele, UK, December 12, 2008.
-    “The Effects of Voice and Isak Dinesen’s ‘The Dreamers’ (1934)”, Center for Cultural Studies/Department for English Languages and Literatures, University of Berne, December 18, 2008.
-    “The Prosthetic Impulse”, colloquium at the English Seminar of the University of Zurich with Dr. Joanne Morra (Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London), Dr. Marquard Smith (Kingston University, London) and Professor Vivian Sobchack (UCLA), May 22, 2008.
and co-organized
-    “Minima Materialia: What Remains of the Body”, conference organized by the Graduiertenkolleg “Gedächtnis, Körper, Geschlecht”, University of Zurich, invited speakers: Dr. Marquard Smith (Kingston University London), Professor Lisa Cartwright (UC San Diego), Professor Vivian Sobchack (UCLA), Professor Claudia Benthien (University of Hamburg) et al., May 22-24, 2008.
-    “Rhetorik des Geschlechts: Literarische Figurationen der bürgerlichen Geschlechterordnung”, conference panel, chair Professor Ina Schabert (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich), “A la recherche du genre: International Conference of the Swiss Graduate Programme in Gender Studies”, University of Geneva, June 18-19, 2008.

Claude Ziltener
successfully defended his dissertation
-    "Reflections on Crash. The Immediate Event in the Works of Stephen Crane, E. E. Cummings, William Carlos Williams and Thomas Pynchon".