Ridvan Askin

**  gave the following talks:

--  "Differential Narratology." English and American Rhenish Scholars (EARS) Symposium. University of Basel. 25 February, 2011.

--  "'Folding, Unfolding, Refolding': Mark Z. Danielewski's Differential Novels." Revolutionary Leaves: The Fiction of Mark Z. Danielewski Conference, LMU Munich, 20-21 May 2011.

**  co-organized (with Philipp Schweighauser) the annual English and American Rhenish Scholars (EARS) Symposium. University of Basel. 25 February, 2011.

**  received a Swiss National Science Foundation Research Grant ($25,000) to spend June-November 2011 as a Short Term Research Scholar at Pennsylvania State University

Thomas Austenfeld

**  published the essay collection (Thomas, Jens Herlth, and Dimiter Daphinoff) Terrorism and Narrative Practice.Münster: Lit Verlag, 2011.

**  published the following articles:

--  "Can Terrorism be Satirized? The Case of Chuck Palahniuk’s Pygmy." In Austenfeld, Thomas, Jens Herlth, Dimiter Daphinoff (eds.). Terrorism and Narrative Practice. Münster: Lit Verlag, 2011. 189-199.

--  "Pigs, Ghosts, and a Ship of Fools: Katherine Anne Porter’s Response to Totalitarian Europe." Colloquium Helveticum 41 (2010): 35-51.

--  "Comparison and Contrast: Discovering Family Relations." Vergleichen? / Comparer? Komparatistische Wissenschaften im Vergleich / La comparaison dans les sciences. Eds. Gilbert Casasus & Sabine Haupt. Münster: Lit Verlag, 2011. 19-22.

**  gave the folllowing talks:

--  "Robert Lowell in the Bathroom." Mid-Twentieth-Century Poets and Cultural Change. PAMLA Conference, Scripps College, Claremont, CA, November 6, 2011.

--  "European Perspectives on the American West." Invited Lecture, California State University Bakersfield, November 3, 2011.

--  "Looking for 'Siegfried': Generation Without Farewell and the Life Story of a German Journalist." Presented at the American Literature Association Conference, Kay Boyle session, Boston, May 28, 2011.

--  "Recollection and Revolution: Katherine Anne Porter and Kay Boyle as Poets." Presented at the American Literature Association Conference, Katherine Anne Porter session, Boston, May 28, 2011.

--  "Mule and Wagon vs the Dixie Limited: Transportation in Flannery O'Connor." Presented at the SAUTE Conference, Bern, May 7, 2011.

--  "Violence in American History, Literature, and Culture." Invited Lecture, Partium Christian University, Oradea (Romania), April 15, 2011.

**  co-ordinated a six-week stay in Fribourg by Fulbright Senior Scholar Visitor Prof. Eric Carl Link, University of Memphis, as guest lecturer and researcher, April 3 – May 13, 2011. Prof. Link gave guest lectures in St. Gallen, Neuchâtel, and Lausanne.

Ursula Caci

**  received the Emily Dickinson International Society’s (EDIS) Graduate Fellowship

**  was awarded a Prospective Researcher scholarship by the Swiss National Science Foundation to spend a year as research associate at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo.

**  participated in the Emily Dickinson International Society's Annual Meeting in Amherst, Massachusetts, and facilitated a master class, July 29-31, 2011. The Swiss National Science Foundation’s Marie-Heim-Vögtlin program funded part of the travel expenses.

**  co-organized the panel "Körperräume" at the conference "Reframing Gender. Reframing Critique" and presented a paper titled "Emily Dickinson’s Body in Fragments." September 16-17, 2011.

Lukas Etter

**  has published the following essays:

--  "The 'Big Picture' as a Multitude of Fragments. Jason Lutes’ Depiction of Weimar Republic Berlin." Comics at the Crossroads: Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives. Ed. Shane Denson, Christina Meyer, Daniel Stein. London: Continuum. Forthcoming 2012.

--  "Ruhig unruhig – das erste Stück des letzten Bandes von Jason Lutes' Berlin". Review of Lutes, Jason: Berlin #17. netzmagazin.ch. Forthcoming

**  has given the following talks:

--  "The 'Big Picture' as a Multitude of Fragments: Jason Lutes' Depiction of Weimar Republic Berlin with an Effect of Plurality." Talk in the Panel "The Transcultural Work of Comics and Graphic Narratives", DGfA Annual Conference, University of Regensburg, 16 - 19 June 2011.

--  "From the Sequential to the Serial: Some Methodological Reflections on the Analysis of the last Panel of a Page". Talk at the Workshop "Interdisciplinary Methodology – The Case of Comics Studies", University of Berne, 14 - 15 October 2011.

--  "'Our Story Thus Far' – Elements of Parody in Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan – The Smartest Kid on Earth". Talk at the Conference 'Who’s laughing now?' – Humor as Resistance and Oppression in US-American Culture, H.U. Berlin, 10 - 12 November 2011.

--  "From the Sequential to the Serial: Some Methodological Reflections on the Analysis of the last Panel of a Page". Invited Talk in the seminar "Introduction to Literary Study (Narrative)" of Prof. Michael A. Chaney, Dartmouth College.

**  has co-organized (with Stephanie Hoppeler and Gabriele Rippl the international workshop "Interdisciplinary Methodology: The Case of Comics Studies", 14/15 October 2011. 10 guests, several of which from North American institutions. Co-sponsored by the MVUB, the SNF. In collaboration with the U.S. Embassy in Switzerland: Organization of public talk by Swiss-American artist Christophe Badoux.

Francesca de Lucia

**  published the following essays:

--  "La Linea della Palma in Brooklyn: Sicily and Sicilian America in Alberto Lattuada’s Mafioso,” in Translating America, edited by Marina Camboni, Andrea Carosso, Sonia Di Loreto and Marco Mariano, Peter Lang, 2011.

--  "Representations of Ethnicity in a Postmodern Gangster Film: The Coen Brothers’ Miller’s Crossing,” proceedings of the conference "Transatlantic Encounters: American Studies in the 21st Century,” "American Studies and Media” Series, Peter Lang , 2011.

**  gave the following conference talks

--  "‘The Science of Dark Forces’: Looking at American Democracy through an Italian American Lens,” delivered at the Biennial Conference for the American Association of North American Studies, University of Trento, Italy, 26-29 October 2011.

--  ‘Manhattan-Tel Aviv’: Reconstructing the Jewish Writerly Self in Philip Roth’s The Facts and Amos Oz’s A Tale of Love and Darkness," delivered at the conference "Jewishness in Contemporary Culture: American and European Perspectives,” Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, Poland, 17-18 May 2011.

--  "The Commedia all’Italiana as a Subverted Morality Play,” delivered at the conference "The Three Fs in Italian Cultures: Critical Approaches to Food, Fashion and Film,” John Calandra Italian American Institute, New York, 29-30 April 2011.

--  "Secrecy, Guilt and Ethnic Identity in Anthony Giardina’s Plays,” delivered at the 56th BAAS Conference, University of Central Lancashire, 14-17 April 2011.

Dana Frei

**  published an essay on "Verhandlungen um Queerness: Queer as Folk und The L Word als kulturelle Foren." In: Blanchet, Robert, Kristina Köhler, Tereza Schmid und Julia Zutavern (Ed.): Serielle Formen: Von den frühen Film-Serials zu aktuellen Quality-TV- und Online-Serien. Marburg: Schüren 2011 (Zürcher Filmstudien 25), pg. 299-315.

**  gave a talk on "Vom Panel zum Closet: Zur Symbolik von Räumen in Alison Bechdels Fun Home" - presented at "Under Construction: Räume im kulturwissenschaftlichen Fokus," 13th-14th May 2011.

**  co-organized the conference "Under Construction: Räume im kulturwissenschaftlichen Fokus," 13th-14th May 2011.

Franziska Gygax

**  published the following essays:

--  (with Miriam Locher and Regula König). "Moving across disciplines and genres: Reading identity in illness narratives and reflective writing texts," in: Medical Communication in Clinical contexts: Research and Application. Ed. Ahmed, Rukhsana and Benjamin Bates. Kendall/Hunt. Forthcoming 2012.

--  "On Being Ill (in Britain and the US).” European Journal of Life Writing. Forthcoming 2012.

**  gave the following conference papers:

--  "Narrating Illness and Reading Identity across Disciplines." First-Person Writing, Four-Way Reading. International Conference. London, Birbeck College, Dec. 2, 2011

--  "On Being Ill: Life Writing and Belonging." Trajectories of (Be)longing: Europe in Life Writing. IABA in Europe Conference. Tallinn, Estonia, May 19, 2011

--  "Moving Across Disciplines and Genres: Reading Identity by Linguists and Literary Scholars." SAUTE Conference: On the Move: Mobilities in English Language and Literature Berne, May 2011

**  has done research in the context of the SNF interdisciplinary research project (2009-2012): "Life (Beyond) Writing: Illness Narratives" (http://illness-narratives.unibas.ch/?Home, with Miriam Locher, Regula König, and Alexander Kiss:)

Hartwig Isernhagen

**  published "Wied's Reise in das innere Nord-America and the Capabilities of the Ethnographic Travelogue." Riding/Writing Across Borders in North American Travelogues and Fiction. Ed. Waldemar Zacharasiewicz. Philosophisch-Historische Klasse, Sitzungsberichte vol. 818. Wien: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2011. 65-81.

Clotilde Landais

**  published an essay on "Le métadiscours du fantastique ou comment écrire après la théorie du genre." @nalyses. Web. 14 October 2011. <http://www.revue-analyses.org/index.php?id=1851>

**  gave a talk on "The Cultural Translation of Horror." Research Seminar. School of Languages and Linguistics, University of New South Wales, Sydney. 1 November 2011.

Sämi Ludwig

**  organized "Asian American Literature and the Legacy of Maxine Hong Kingston," a large-scale conference on Kingston, with participants from 4 continents and 15 countries coming to Mulhouse, including the famous author herself and her husband. University of Mulhouse, March 18-20, 2011.

**  was named director of LEA (Langues Etrangères Appliquées)

**  was a Guest Professor at the University of Graz during the fall term

**  edited a fothcoming book with articles on Ishmael Reed that is about to be published

**  is working on the proceedings of the Kingston conference

Christina Ljungberg

**  published an essay collection (with Pascal Michelucci and Olga Fischer) on Semblance and Signification. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2011.

**  pulished the following essays:

--  "Unbinding the Text: Intermedial Iconicity in Peter Greenaway's Prosperous Books." Semblance and Signification. Ed. Pascal Michelucc, Olga Fischer, and Christina Ljungberg. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2011. 369-388.

--  "Dynamic Instances of Interaction: The Performative Function of Iconicity in Literary Texts." Semiotics of Resemblance [special issue]. Ed. Timo Maran and Ester Vosu. Sign System Studies 38.1/4 (2010): 270-298.

**  gave the following invited talks:

--  "Adaptation and Media Transformation," 13 May 2011. Symposium at the Forum for Intermediality Studies (IMS), invited by Prof. Lars Elleström. Linnaeus University (Campus Växjö), 13-14 May 2011.

--  "Diagrammatic Aspects of Maps." 7 July 2011. Thinking with Diagrams: Space, Inscription, Knowledge. at the Freie Universität Berlin in the Exzellence Cluster project TOPOI and the Research Training Group "Schriftbildlichkeit", invited by Prof. Sybille Krämer and Jan Wöpking. Berlin, 7-9 July 2011.

--  Louvain-la-Neuve, "Laurie Anderson's Versions of Döblin/Fassbinder, Melville and Massenet/Corneille." 1 September 2011. Philology and the Performing Arts. Catholique University of Louvain, invited by Profs. Costantino Maeder and Mattia Cavagna. 1-3 September 2011.

**  gave a talk on "Diagrammatic Aspects of Maps in Fiction." 17 June 2011. Eighth International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature at the Linnaeus University, Campus Växjö, Sweden, 16-18 June 2011

**  organized the Eighth International Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature at Linnaeus University, Campus Växjö, Sweden, together with Olga Fischer and Lars Elleström. (www.iconicity.ch)

**  was named a Fellow of the Myrifield Institute for Cognition and the Arts (www.myrifield.org)

**  became a Member of the Scientific Board of Athanor, University of Bari, Italy;

**  became a Member of the working group on Art and Cartography, http://artcarto.wordpress.com/

**  was Faculty Opponent / External Expert for a public dissertation on photography and poetry at Linnaeus University (Campus Växjö), Sweden, 16 December 2011.

Scott Loren

**  published the following essays:

--  (with Jörg Metelmann). "What's the Matter? Race becomes Res.” Journal of Visual Culture, 10:3 (2011), 397-405. 

--  "Posthumanist Panic Cinema: Defining a Genre.” Paradoxes of Authenticity. Ed. Julia Straub. Bielefeld : Transcript, 2012, 159-184. 

--  "Mutating Masculinity: Re-visions of Gender and Violence in the Cinema of David Cronenberg.” Männlichkeiten Denken: Aktuelle Perspektiven der kulturwissenschaftlichen Masculinity Studies. Eds. Martina Läubi and Sabrina Sahli. Bielefeld : transkript Verlag, 2011, S. 151-170.

**  gave the following talks:

--  (with Jörg Metelmann). After the Tears: Victimhood and Subjectivity in the Melodramatic Mode. International conference (co-organizer). University of St. Gallen, 2011. 

--  (with Jörg Metelmann). What is Hidden? : Visual Subjectivities in Michael Haneke's Caché. Kulturen, Institutionen, Märkte (KIM) Colloquium. St.Gallen, 2011. 

--  (with Jörg Metelmann). Visualizing Subjectivity : A Dual Ontology. KIM Doktorierendencolloquium. Universität St.Gallen, 2011. 

--  (with Jörg Metelmann). Aesthetics of Irritation : Cinema Mass Culture and the Melodramatic Mode. Forschungscolloquium des Seminars für Filmwissenschaft der Universität Zürich. FIWI Zürich, 2011. 

--  (with Jörg Metelmann). Cinema and Visual Culture : An example through Michael Haneke's CACHÉ. Brown Bag Lunch. MCM-HSG - Institut für Medien- und Kommunikationsmanagement, 2011.

**  moderated a discussion on "FEEL IT!: The management of emotions.” Podium discussion with Eva Illouz, Dorthe Staunæs, Chris Steyaert and Linda Williams. Haniel week lectures, University of St.Gallen, 2011.

Deborah Madsen

**  published the following books:

--  Louise Erdrich. London: Continuum, 2011.

--  Gerald Vizenor: Texts and Contexts. Ed. Deborah L. Madsen & A. Robert Lee. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2011.

--  The Visual Culture of Modernism. SPELL 26. Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature. Ed. Deborah L. Madsen & Mario Klarer. Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 2011.

**  has joined the Editorial Board of the Encyclopedia of American Studies, published by Johns Hopkins University Press for the American Studies Association (ASA).

**  published the following essays:

--  "Queering Cultural China: Performing Nation through the Feminine Body." Textual Practice, 25:4 (August 2011), 671-687.

--  "Louise Erdrich: The Aesthetics of Mino Bimaadiziwin." Louise Erdrich . Ed. Deborah L. Madsen. London: Continuum, 2011, 1-14.

--  "The Making of (Native) Americans: Suturing and Citizenship in the Scene of Education." Parallax, special issue Contours of Learning: On Spivak, 60 (July-Sept. 2011), 32-45.

--  "Authenticity." The Routledge Companion to Race and Ethnicity. Ed. Stephen M. Caliendo & Charlton D. McIlwain. New York: Routledge, 2011, 108-9.

--  "Writing in the Fourth Person: A Lacanian Reading of Vizenor’s Pronouns." Gerald Vizenor: Texts and Contexts. Ed. Deborah L. Madsen & A. Robert Lee. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2011, 130-151.

--  "Witch-Hunting: American Exceptionalism and Global Terrorism." American Exceptionalisms: From Winthrop to Winfrey. Ed. Sylvia Soderlind & James Taylor Carson. Albany: SUNY Press, 2011, 15-29.

--  "Out of the Melting Pot, Into the Nationalist Fires: Native American Literary Studies in Europe." American Indian Quarterly, 35:3 (Summer 2011), 353-371.

**  gave the following talks:

--  "The Rhetoric of Double Allegiance: Imagined Communities in North American Diasporic Chinese Literatures." Imagined Communities, Recuperated Homelands: Rethinking American and Canadian Minority and Exilic Writing conference. University of Strasbourg, France, 12 March 2011.

--  "Teaching Native American Literatures as the Core Canon of ‘American Literature’." Native American and Indigenous Studies Association conference, University of California, Davis, USA, 20 May 2011.

--  "Trajectories in American Studies: Futures, Limits, and New Directions." ASA Students' Committee Forum V. ASA annual meeting, Baltimore, USA, 22 October 2011.

Michael Prusse

**  published an essay (with Sandras Hutterli) on "Theory into Practice: Using Projects to Transfer Innovation into Classrooms." Theory and Practice in EFL Teacher Education: Bridging the Gap. Ed. Julia Huettner, Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher, Susanne Reichl and Barbara Schiftner. Bristol: Multilingual Matters, 2011: 145-163.

**  gave the following talks:

--  "Repetition and Differerence: the Essence of John McGahern’s Narrative Style.” John McGahern Conference, Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea, UK, 9 April 2011.

--  "The New Generation with Early English. What can they do after Secondary School I? And how do we react?" SAB Fachtagung Englisch, KV Zürich Business School, 20 May 2011.

--  "Erste Erfahrungen zum Aufbau eines Fachdidaktischen Zentrums: Erfolge, Chancen und Probleme." Herbsttagung SGL Design und Technik, PH Zürich, 22 October 2011.

Gabriele Rippl

**  co-edited (with Schweighauser, Philipp, Tiina Kirss, Margit Sutrop, and Therese Steffen, eds.) the essay collection Haunted Narratives: The Politics and Poetics of Identity Formation and 20-Century Life Writing. Toronto: Toronto University Press. Forthcoming 2012.

**  has become the co-editor of

--  (with Kornexl, Lucia, Middeke, Martin, Sauer, Hans and Hubert Zapf) Anglia. Zeitschrift für Englische Philologie. Tübingen: Niemeyer

--  (with Kornexl, Lucia, Middeke, Martin, Sauer, Hans and Hubert Zapf) Buchreihe der Anglia. Berlin-New York: de Gruyter; Schriftenreihe.

**  has published the following essays:

--  "Hamlet in nordamerikanischen Romanen und Kurzgeschichten". Peter Marx (ed.), Hamlet Handbuch. Stuttgart: Metzler, forthcoming.

--  "Film and Media Studies". Middeke, Martin, Müller, Timo, Wald, Christina and Hubert Zapf (eds.). English and American Studies. Theory and Practice. Stuttgart und Weimar: Metzler, fothcoming.

--  "Victorian Melodrama: Thomas Holcroft’s A Tale of Mystery and Douglas William Jerrold’s The Rent Day”. Baumbach, Sibylle, Neumann, Birgit and Ansgar Nünning (eds.). History of British Drama: Genres – Developments – Interpretations. Trier: WVT, 2011. 211-226.

--  "Feminist Voices around 1900: Kate Chopin’s ‘Désirée’s Baby’ and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s ‘The Yellow Wall-Paper’”. Basseler, Michael and Ansgar Nünning (eds.). A History of the American Short Story: Genres – Classics – Model Interpretations. Trier: WVT, 2011. 157-170.

--  "`Merit, Justice, Gratitude, Duty, Fidelity’: Images of Masculinity in Autobiographies of Early Modern English Gentlewomen and Aristocrats”. Stephan Horlacher (ed.). Constructions of Masculinity in British Literature from the Middle Ages to the Present. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming.

--   "Iconicity and Intermediality in Charles Simic’s Dime Store Alchemy”. Fischer, Olga and Christina Ljungberg (eds.). Iconicity in Language and Literature. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2011. 313-325.

--  Rippl, Gabriele. "Mourning and Melancholia in England and Its Transatlantic Colonies: Examples of Seventeenth-Century Female Appropriations”. Wald, Christina and Martin Middeke (eds.). The Literature of Melancholia: Early Modern to Postmodern. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, fothcoming.

--  (with Schweighauser, Philipp and Therese Steffen) "Introduction”. Rippl, Gabriele, Kirss, Tiina, Schweighauser, Philipp, Steffen, Therese and Margit Sutrop (eds.). Haunted Narratives: The Politics and Poetics of Identity Formation and 20-Century Life Writing. Toronto: Toronto University Press. Fothcoming 2012.

--  Rippl, Gabriele. "Inszenierung von Differenz: Interreligiöse Konflikte im englischsprachigen indischen Gegenwartsroman”. Gülcher, Nina, Weiershausen, Romana and Insa Wilke (eds.). Aufgeklärte Zeiten? Religiöse Toleranz und Literatur. Berlin: Erich Schmidt, 2011. 175-196.

--  "Stumme Augenzeugen – Funktionen erzählter Fotos in englischsprachigen postkolonialen trauma novels”. Becker, Sabina and Barbara Korte (eds.). Visuelle Evidenz? Fotografie im Reflex von Literatur und Film. Berlin etc.: Walter de Gruyter, 2011. 249-267.

**  has published the following reviews:

--  Review of: Wiesing, Lambert. Die Sichtbarkeit des Bildes. Geschichte und Perspektiven der formalen Ästhetik. Frankfurt / New York: Campus, 2008. [published in: JLTonline, www.jltonline.de/index.php/reviews, wiederabgedruckt in: Fixpoetry, www.fixpoetry.com/feuilleton/rezensionen /940.html, (2010).]

--  Review of Heusser, Martin, Fischer, Andreas and Andreas H. Jucker (eds.). Mediality / Intermediality. SPELL 21, Tübingen: Narr 2008. In: AAA Band 36 (2011). 174-176.

**  has given the following talks:

--  April 2011: "Serialität und Intermedialität in Graphic Novels", University of Göttingen

--  July 2011: "Graphic Novels – ein Medium des kollektiven Gedächtnisses", Forum Carrière féminine, Bern

**  has invited the following guest speakers:

--  Prof. Dr. Verena Lobsien, Humboldt University Berlin (ST11)

--  Dr. Christina Wald, University of Augsburg (ST11)

--  Prof. Dr. Pranav Jani, The Ohio State University (FT11)

--  Dr. Daniel Stein, University of Göttingen (FT11)

--  Prof. Dr. Astrid Böger, University of Hamburg (FT11)

**  leads a research project on "Seriality and Intermediality in Graphic Novels" funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (2010-2012)

**  has co-organized a conference on "Interdisciplinary Methodology: The Case of Comics Studies," October 2011 (funded by SNF and MVUB)

**  has co-organized a workshop with Dr. Daniel Stein and PhD students of the SNF research project "Seriality and Intermediality in Graphic Novels"

Manuela Rossini

**  published (with Bruce Clarke) the essay collection The Routledge Companion to Literature and Science. Abindon: Routledge, 2011.

**  published, as guest editor (with Ivan Callus and Stefan Herbrechter) European Posthumanism, vol. 18.10 of EJES (European Journal for English Studies).

**  gave the following invited lectures:

--  "Imagineering the Future", Heidelberg Graduate School for Humanities and Social Science, Seminar "Futures", 19 April 2011.

--  Response to keynote lecture on "Neurofutures" by Tim Lenoir at the conference "Constructions of the Future: Life Beyond Disciplines”, Heidelberg, 14-16 July 2011.

--  "Integration und Intersubjektivität in transdisziplinären Prozessen der Wissensproduktion”, symposium TRANS.SCRIPT (Perform Now!), Winterthur, 28-30 September 2011.

**  organized an International Transdisciplinarity Conference on "Evaluation”, together with SNSF, 14-16 September 2011.

**  is working on her Habilitationsschrift Science/Fiction: Imagineering the Future of the Human.

**  engaged in the following editorial and board activities

--  Science June 2011, Executive Director of the European Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA-Europe)

--  Member of the Selection Committee for SUPERSONIX, the 5th conference of the SLSA-Europe (London, 20-23 June 2012)

--  General Ed. (with Yves Abrioux) of Experimental Practices: Technoscience, Art, Literature, Philosophy. 

--  Editorial board member of Critical Posthumanisms.

--  Editorial board member of Word & Text.

**  invited the following speakers to the Institute of Advanced Study in the Humanities and the Social Sciences, University of Berne (all lectures available as podcasts on the IASH website):

--  Prof. Bruce Clarke (Texas Tech University) ‚Our Microscopic Allies’:
H. G. Wells among the Microbe, 9 March 2011.

--  Prof. Monika Fludernik (Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg), "Panopticisms:
From Bentham and Foucault to Critical Theory and the Realities of Carceral Space", 19 May 2011.

--  Prof. Dr. Adriana Cavarero (Università degli Studi di Verona), "’Horrorism’:
Violence and Vulnerability in the 21st Century", 25 May 2011, followed by a public colloquium with the philosopher on "Contemporary Horrorisms:
Extreme Violence Against Human Lives", 26 May 2011.

--  Prof. Dr. Christoph Lindner (University of Amsterdam, UvA), "Concepts and Practices of Place", 10 November 2011.

--  Dr. Alan Cienki (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, VU), "Metaphor as Mapping", 30 November 2011.

Christiane Schlote

**  published the following essays:

--   "Not Just Another Play About Iraq: An Interview with Hassan Abdulrazzak.” Journal of Postcolonial Writing. 47.1 (February 2011): 101-111.

--  (with Giovanna Buonanno and Victoria Sams) "Glocal Routes in British Asian Drama: Between Adaptation and Tradaptation.” Postcolonial Text 6.2 (2011).

--  "Street Lives, Roof Lives. Literary Transformations of Arab Urban Spaces After Mahfouz.” Journal of Postcolonial Writing 47.5 (December 2011): 524-535.

--  Generic Activism: Ahdaf Soueif and Etel Adnan’s Art of Creative Non-Fiction.” Annalisa Oboe and Shaul Bassi, eds. Experiences of Freedom in Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures. London: Routledge, 2011. 287-300.

--   "Rewriting Columbus: Coatlicue’s Dramatization of Mexican Indigenous History.” Geoffrey Davis and Ganesh Devi, eds. Voice and Memory: Indigenous Imagination and Expression. Delhi: Orient BlackSwan, 2011. 68-77.

**  gave the following talks:

--  "Lessons of Darkness: Transnational Labour Migrants and the Politics of Global Oil.” Swiss Association of University Teacher of English (SAUTE), ‘On the Move: Mobilities in English Language and Literature’, University of Berne, 7 May 2011.

--   "A Different Theatre of War: Humanitarian Aid on British Stages.” German Society for Contemporary Theatre and Drama in English (CDE), ‘Ethical Debate in Contemporary Drama’, University of Mainz, 3 June 2011.

--   "Alternative Voices from the Persian Gulf: Oil Migrants and Domestic Workers.” EACLALS, ‘Reworking Postcolonialism: Globalization, Labour and Rights’, Institute of English Studies, University of London, UK, 27 August 2011.

**  taught an intensive week-long seminar on "Refuge(e) Spaces” at the 10th ASNEL Summer School ‘Spaces of Projection’, University of Berne, 5-9 September 2011

**  was invited to moderate the reading of/discussion with Nii Parkes at the 10th ASNEL Summer School ‘Spaces of Projection’, Stauffacher Bookshop, Berne, 6 September 2011

**  joined the Editorial Board of the professional journal Performing Ethos

Philipp Schweighauser

**  published (with Rippl, Gabriele, Tiina Kirss, Margit Sutrop, and Therese Steffen, eds.) the essay collection Haunted Narratives: Life Writing in an Age of Trauma. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Forthcoming 2012.

**  published the following essays:

--  "Relations between Media." Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media and Textuality. Ed. Lori Emerson, Marie-Laure Ryan, and Benjamin Robertson. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press. Forthcoming 2012.

--  (with Rippl, Gabriele and Therese Steffen) "Introduction: Life Writing in the Age of Trauma." Haunted Narratives: Life Writing in an Age of Trauma. Ed. Rippl, Schweighauser, Tiina Kirss, Margit Sutrop, and Steffen. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Forthcoming 2012.

--  "Trauma and Utopia: Benjamin, Adorno, and Elie Wiesel's Night." Haunted Narratives: Life Writing in an Age of Trauma. Ed. Gabriele Rippl, Schweighauser, Tiina Kirss, Margit Sutrop, and Therese Steffen. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Forthcoming 2012.

--  "Book and Wax: Two Early American Media of Deception." Philologie im Netz. Forthcoming 2012.

--  "'Terror has exterminated all the sentiments of nature': American Terror, the French Revolution, and Charles Brockden Brown's Arthur Mervyn." Terrorism and Narrative Practice. Ed. Thomas Austenfeld, Dimiter Daphinoff, and Jens Herlth. Münster: LIT, 2011. 45-60.

**  co-organized (with Ridvan Askin) the annual English and American Rhenish Scholars (EARS) Symposium. University of Basel. 25 February, 2011.

**  gave the following invited talks:

--  "Rauschen, Lärm, Geräusch: Klanglandschaften der amerikanischen Literatur, vom Realismus bis zur Postmoderne." Guest Talk in Graduate Seminar "Intermedialitätsforschung im Bereich Literatur/Musik/Sound," University of Basel, 10 November, 2011.

--  "Experiences as a Research Associate in the U.S." Global Perspectives Programme: US-Swiss Higher Education Seminar. University of Basel, 19 May, 2011.

--  Talk on "McSweeney’s #16, oder, wie das gedruckte Buch aufs Netz reagiert" and discussion with Roberto Simanowski and Johannes Auer. E-Book und Hyperfiktion: Vom Lesen und Schreiben im Internetzeitalter. Café Scientifique, Basel, 17 April 2011.

**  gave a talk on "Deception in Early American Art and Politics." Imagination, Reparation, Transformation. 2011 American Studies Association Annual Meeting in Baltimore. 20-23 October 2007.

**  invited Maxine Hong Kinston and discussed her new memoir I Love a Broad Margin to My Life with her at the Literaturhaus Basel, 21 March 2011.

**  co-organized (with Andreas Hägler) a workshop for doctoral students in the Doctoral Program "Literary Studies" with Prof. John Carlos Rowe (USC) on "Transnational Literary Studies" as well as a talk by Rowe on "The Inevitable Intimate Connection: Liberalism, Transnationalism, and Political Critique." May 25, 2011.

**  hosted the following guest speakers:

--  Prof. Bruce Clarke (Texas Tech University): "'Our Microscopic Allies': H. G. Wells among the Microbes." March 8, 2011.

--  Prof. George Hartley (Ohio University): "Langston Hughes's Montage of a Dream Deferred." December 12, 2011.

--  Prof. Michael Hulse, "The 20th Century in Poetry." November 21, 2011.

Therese Steffen

**  co-organized the international workshop "Cities in Flux: Urbanization and Societal Change in South African Literary and Visual Tetxs." University of Basel 18 November 2011 (Vivian Bickford-Smith, Irikidzayi Manase, Peter Lekgoathi, Sheila Meintjes, Patrick Harries,Till Förster, Christine Giustizieri, Olivier Moreillon). Swiss South African Joint Research Project (SSAJRP)

**  gave a talk on "The African American Heritage: Contents and Discontents." 10th ASNEL Summer School: Spaces of Projection. Universities of Bern and Basel. 7 September 2011.

**  published "Einleitung": "Körpergrenzen/Body Boundaries." figurationen: gender—literatur—kultur. 2/2011. 6-14.

**  edited "Körpergrenzen/Body Boundaries." figurationen: gender—literatur—kultur. 2/2011.

Julia Straub

**  spent a visiting fellowship at Lincoln College Oxford, January to February 2011

**  gave an invited lecture on "The Visualisation of Dante’s Beatrice in Victorian Culture.” Nineteenth-Century Research Seminar, University of Warwick, November 2011.

**  gave the following conference papers

--  "Bad Timing/Bad Tidings: Discontinuities in Melodrama.” Melodrama – zwischen Populärkultur und ‘Moralisch-Okkultem’? Komparatistische und intermediale Perspektiven, University of Augsburg, April 2011.

--  "The Literary Canon in 18th-Century America. Mobility versus Fixity.” 13. Internationaler Kongress zur Erforschung des 18. Jahrhunderts, University of Graz, July 2011.

--  "Early American Literature and the Canon: The Mobility of Literary Value in the Eighteenth Century.” Mobility in English and American Culture 1500-1900, University of Giessen, November 2011.

**  published the following essays:

--  "Early American Literature: Canon Theory in a Transatlantic Context.” Comparative American Studies 9:2 (2011): 106-18.

--   "Pathetic Copycats: Female Victimhood and Visuality in Melodramatic Films.” Deborah L. Madsen and Mario Klarer (eds). The Visual Culture of Modernism. (Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature 26). Tübingen: Narr, 2011. 226-237.

--   "Transatlantic Mobility and British-American Periodical Literature of the Eighteenth Century.” Joachim Frenk and Lena Steveker (eds). Proceedings: Anglistentag 2010 Saarbrücken. Trier: wvt, 2011. 309-317.

**  published a review of A Companion to the Philosophy of Literature, ed. Garry L. Hagberg & Walter Jost. Anglia - Zeitschrift für englische Philologie 129.3-4 (2011): 514–516.

Barbara Straumann

**  has been pursuing her Habilitation thesis "Embodied Voices: Female Performers in British and American Narrative Fiction, 1845-1934.”

**  replaced Prof. Dr. E. Bronfen during her competitive sabbatical in the autumn semester 2011.

**  published the following essays:

--  "A Voice of Her Own? Weibliche Stimmeffekte bei George Du Maurier, George Bernard Shaw und Isak Dinesen.” Bild und Stimme. Ed. Maren Butte and Sabina Brandt. München: Wilhelm Fink, 2011. 239-255.

--  "A Voice of Her Own? Feminine Voice Effects in George Du Maurier, George Bernard Shaw and Isak Dinesen.” Slovo a Smysl / Word and Sense: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Theory and Criticism in Czeck Studies 15 (2011): 21-39.

--  Review of Diva – Die Inszenierung der übermenschlichen Frau: Interdisziplinäre Untersuchungen zu einem kulturellen Phänomen des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts. Ed. Rebecca Grotjahn, Dörte Schmidt and Thomas Seedorf. Forum Musikwissenschaft 7. Schliengen: Edition Argus, 2011. In: Lied und populäre Kultur / Song and Popular Culture: Jahrbuch des Deutschen Volksliedarchivs Freiburg. Ed. Nils Grosch and Fernand Hörner. Münster, München, Berlin, New York: Waxman, 2011, 282-287.

**  gave an invited talk on "Märchenkönig Ludwig II.: Zwischen Mythos und historischer Wirklichkeit”, Münchner Kammerspiele, February 17, 2011.

**  gave a conference paper on "‘How shall I find my voice?’: Voice and the Female Performer in Henry James’s The Tragic Muse,” American Literature Association Conference, May 26-29, 2011, Boston MA, panel of the Henry James Society.

**  gave radio interviews on

--  Queen Elizabeth I, queenship and fashion ("Kleider, die die Welt regieren: Eine Sendung über Mode und Macht,” ORF, Dimensionen: Die Welt der Wissenschaft with Marlene Nowotny, January 17, 2011);

--  Ludwig II of Bavaria ("‘Ein ewig Räthsel bleiben will ich mir – und anderen…’: Zum 125 Todestag des Märchenkönigs Ludwig II.,” Deutschlandradio Kultur, Zeitreisen with Georg Gruber, June 8, 2011).

**  introduced the public discussion with Hollywood director Roland Emmerich following the Swiss pre-launch of his new film Anonymous (organized by Walt Disney Switzerland, Kino Corso Zurich, October 27, 2011).

**  invited

--  Dr. des. Daniela Janser (Fotomuseum Winterthur) to give a guest lecture entitled "On the Couch: A Psychoanalytical Reading of U.S. American TV Series” as part of her MA research seminar on "Seriality” (Mad Men with George Eliot and Henry James);

--  PD Dr. Christina Wald (University of Augsburg) to give a guest lecture on "Communion and Cannibalism in Thomas Lodge’s A Margarite of America (1596)”;

--  Prof. Dr. Bernd Herzogenrath (University of Frankfurt) to give a guest lecture on "Matter and Memory: Bill Morrison’s Decasia.”

**  served as a reader for Routledge.

Alexa Weik von Mossner

**  was appointed as a Carson Fellow at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC) at the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) Munich

**  upon the completion of her fellowship in July 2011 she joined the Rachel Carson Center as an Associate

**  published

--  "Reframing Katrina: The Color of Disaster in Spike Lee’s When the Levees Broke.” Special Issue "Coloring the Environmental Lens: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Cinema, New Media, and Just Sustainability.” Eds. Salma Mon­ani, Belinda Chiu, and Carlo Arreglo. Environmental Com­munication 5.2 (2011).

**  gave six invited talks and lectures

--  "Imagining Ecological Futures: Ecotopian Visions in Contemporary Cinema.” Invited lecture at the Glo­bal Environments Summer Academy 2011: "Socio-Ecological Interactions in a Dynamic World: A Master Course for Environ­mental Leaders” at the LMU Munich, August 17, 2011.

--  "Ecological Disaster and Emotional Engagement in Andrew Stanton's WALL-E: A Cognitive Ap­proach.” Invited lecture at the Institute of Medical Psychology, LMU Munich, July 28, 2011.

--  "Projecting Disaster: Ecological Risk and Emotional Engagement in Climate Change Documen­ta­ries.” Invited talk given at the Workshop "Mass Media and Dis­aster” at the Center for Inter­dis­ci­pli­nary Research (ZiF) at Bielefeld Univer­sity, Germany, June 17, 2011.

--  "Saving the Indian: Identity and Ecology in Native American Literature and Film.” Invited lecture gi­ven at the University of Leipzig, Germany, May 31, 2011.

--  "Troubling Futures: American Popular Culture and the Imagination of Global Environmental Risk.” Lecture at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU Munich, Germany, March 28, 2011.

--  "Reel Catastrophes: Narrative Comprehension and Emotional Engage­ment in Ameri­can Disaster Films.” Invited talk at the International Conference "Commu­nicating Dis­aster” at the Center for Inter­disciplin­ary Research (ZiF) at Bielefeld Univer­sity, Germany, Jan. 14, 2011.

**  gave conference talks on

--  "Ecological Risk and Emotional Engagement in The Age of Stupid: A Cognitive Approach.” RCC Work­shop "Moving Environments: Affect, Emotion, and Ecocinema” at the Rachel Carson Center for Envi­ron­ment and Society, LMU Munich, July 22-23, 2011.

--  "The End of the World as We Knew It: Framing the World Risk Society.” 9th Biennial Conference of ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and Environment) at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA, June 21-26, 2011.

--  "Moving Ecocinema: The Emotional Appeal of Risk Narratives.” Position paper at the pre-conference workshop on "Ecomedia” led by Sid Dobrin and Salma Monani. 9th Biennial Confer­ence of ASLE (Association for the Study of Literature and Environment) at Indiana University, Blooming­ton, IN, USA, June 20, 2011.

--  "Exploring the Black Atlantic: Eslanda Goode Robeson’s African Journey. Swiss Association of Uni­versity Teachers of English (SAUTE) Conference "On the Move: Mobilities in English Language and Liter­ature.” University of Bern, Switzerland, May 6-7, 2011.

**  co-organized an international conference on "Moving Environments: Affect, Emotion, and Ecocinema” at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, LMU Munich, July 22-23, 2011.

**  was appointed as member of the Advisory Board of the European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture and Environment (EASLCE)

**  was appointed as curator of the Rachel Carson Center’s environmental film series, Green Visions, at the Gasteig Cultural Center in Munich.