The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies Geneva: PhD student in SNF funded project “Accounting for Nature: Agriculture and Mitigation in the Era of Global Climate Change”

Offene Stellen

PERIOD OF CONTRACT: Fixed-term contract, starting on September 1st 2021, for 4 years


General description of the project and the position

This four-year ethnographic project examines how the mitigation of agricultural greenhouse gases is emerging as a sphere of knowledge and an arena of management through the development of accounting practices and protocols. It aims to explore how accounting shapes and conditions the way that both climate change, and the work of mitigation, are apprehended within agriculture. The project will be undertaken by a small research team, including the Principal Investigator (Shaila Seshia Galvin), a Postdoctoral Fellow, and one PhD student. It is designed to accommodate substantive, independent research, as well as opportunities for collaboration. Research will be carried out within international and global networks of climate science and policy, as well as within two countries, Canada and India. Cumulatively, the research responds to calls for cross-scale climate ethnographies (Crate 2011), and seeks to refine understandings of accounting practice and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions within complex socionatural environments of agriculture.  The project’s attention to the way that mitigation is apprehended and enacted in an era of global climate change will generate new empirical and theoretical insights into accounting itself, as a phenomenological field that shapes human-environment relations.

The appointed PhD candidate will be part of a research team working closely with the project’s Principal Investigator, Shaila Seshia Galvin, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology and Faculty Affiliate of the Centre for International Environmental Studies. The candidate will complete a PhD dissertation and be fully integrated in the life of the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the Graduate Institute ( Committed to theoretical innovation, robust empirical research, and fine-grained ethnographic fieldwork, the department approaches issues of anthropological and sociological concern with an emphasis on their global and transnational articulations. The appointed PhD candidate will also be affiliated with the Centre for International Environmental Studies (CIES).

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