Swiss Society
for African Studies

The Swiss Society for African Studies SSAS was founded in 1974. Its primary aims are to advance the research on Africa and further the academic exchange in this field. Based on the model of Area Studies it offers opportunities to connect researchers and the interested public in a theme-oriented and multidisciplinary exchange

Job: Assistant in Archeology (70%)

Position at the Laboratory Archaeology and Population of Africa, University of Geneva (1 November 2020 to 31 October 2025).

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Conference: Material Culture in Transit

19. - 20.03.2020

++Due to the Covid-19 situation the conference is postponed. A new date will be announced in due time.++

This international conference seeks to examine transnational trajectories...


Cover picture Le Terroriste noir de Tierno Monenembo

Le Terroriste noir de Tierno Monenembo

Couronné du Prix Ahmadou Kourouma, du Prix Erckmann-Chatrian, du Prix Palatine du roman historique ainsi que du Prix du roman métis, Le Terroriste noir, paru en 2012, est un roman...