Report 2013

The Museum Commission of the Swiss Ethnological Society comprises 11 institutions, two of which are currently without representation.

During the annual meeting in Sierre, Günther Giovannoni from the Museo delle Culture in Lugano was appointed as the new president of the commission. He succeeds Thomas Psota of the Bernisches Historisches Museum, who has held this office efficiently and passionately for a long time. The Commission and the whole SEG-SSE thank Thomas Psota for his work and commitment.

As in 2012, also in 2013, the Commission will continue to work on the collection of historical-ethnographic photographs. Together with foto.CH, the photographic holdings of ethnographic museums and collections in Switzerland, which were recorded in the 1997 publication EH 20 L' objectif subjectif - Das subjektive Objektiv, have been transferred to the repertory and encyclopaedia foto.CH, made more accessible and updated. Not only newer indexing information on authors will be included, but with the update the individual member institutions are also requested to compile newer data and information on their historical-ethnographic photo holdings for an overview. The institutions concerned must now go through all the entries and clean up the topographical classification and ethnic catalogue.